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UV Light Air Purifiers in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Your Gaithersburg home contends with some considerable air pollution. On a daily basis dust, debris, mold spore, and even viruses invade, and having an effective means of eradicating these is of serious importance. To meet your need for cleaner, healthier air, GAC Services offers the best UV light air purifiers in the industry. We place your health and happiness at the top of our list, and our team has proudly been providing the best to Maryland homeowners in Gaithersburg for years!

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What Is a UV Light Air Purifier & How Does It Work?

Many air quality systems focus on containing compromised air. This is usually, or more commonly, done with a filtration system. And all in all, these can do a really good job of bringing you cleaner air. But there are some things they tend to miss. Namely, mold and bacteria aren’t caught quite as well by filtration systems, so to meet this need, a UV air purifier is needed.

These systems integrate directly into your ductwork, most commonly near the furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump itself. From here, the purifier uses UV light radiation to treat the air that cycles in your home. The main difference here is that the light, instead of containing or filtering, instead sterilizes the air, which is much more effective for reducing mold spore and bacteria.

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What Benefits Does a UV Air Purifier Offer for My Gaithersburg Home?

Some of the benefits are somewhat straightforward, but an air purifier can actually add a lot of perks, including:

  • Lower risk of mold, bacteria, and viruses. UV light systems can reduce mold by 99% from the home, and when it comes to bacteria and viruses in the air they are similarly effective, removing 80% or more. The difference here is huge, and can help preserve the safety and health of you and your Gaithersburg family.
  • Better smelling air. Many of the pollutants that a UV air purifier sterilizes are responsible for the foul or musty smelling air homeowners contend with on a routine basis. By removing these, you gain cleaner air that smells better and fresher, too!
  • More protected HVAC system. Air quality solutions share in the great benefit of helping your HVAC system stay clean and clear of air-choking dust and debris. This helps your system perform better, and use less energy to get its job done, which directly impacts your energy savings.

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