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Zoning System Installation & Repair in Maryland

A zoning system is a great way to keep your Maryland home warm in the winter and cool in the summer while maximizing your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. The design of some homes may make it difficult for its HVAC system to maintain consistent temperatures.

Rooms or areas located above a garage or crawl space, along with sunrooms and rooms with vaulted ceilings are all common places where zoning systems are found. If you notice inconsistent temperatures throughout your house, consider adding a zoning system to your home’s comfort system.

GAC Services installs, repairs, and performs maintenance on zoning systems in Gaithersburg and Frederick, MD and their surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule service.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

Traditional HVAC systems push warm or cool air into areas of your home when in use, even in zones that already maintain consistent temperatures to compensate for other, poorly insulated rooms. If a particular room—or zone—requires additional heat or cool air in order to maintain a predetermined temperature, a zoning system will solve your issue.

A zoning system works in conjunction with your existing comfort system and directs warm and/or cool air directly into areas needing more attention. Temperature sensors are placed in a chosen zone, and when the sensors measure a change in air temperature, a signal is sent to a separate control to turn on your HVAC system (like its own thermostat). Dampers installed in your duct system then automatically open and close, directing air only to the designated zone.

Enjoy more comfortable, even temperatures throughout your home with a zoning system installation from GAC.

GAC Zoning System Services

Zoning System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

For a comfortable home all year round, consider adding a zoning system to your HVAC system. We’ll send one of our factory trained and nationally certified technicians directly to your home to inspect your comfort system and determine if a zoning system can be installed. However, not all heating and cooling systems are eligible for zoning system installation. Supply lines must be accessible in order to properly install a zoning system in your Maryland home.

Our maintenance vehicles are fully equipped and ready for any zoning system repair. If you currently have a zoning system installed in your Maryland home and need repair, call GAC Services. We’ll have a technician there in no time and return the comfort to your home. We also offer zoning system maintenance to make sure your home stays comfortable throughout the year.

GAC Services installs, repairs, and performs maintenance on zoning systems in Maryland. Contact us today or request an estimate online to schedule service!

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