HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance in Maryland

Extend the Life of Your HVAC Equipment!

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected breakdown of your HVAC system. You should be able to rely on continuous comfort from your heating and cooling system and not worry about your system malfunctioning. If your HVAC equipment decides to call it quits you could be waiting a couple days before comfort is restored to your home, particularly if a special part or piece of equipment needs to be ordered.

One way to prevent mid-season breakdowns is to schedule HVAC maintenance from GAC Services. As part of our maintenance appointments, our licensed technicians will ensure your entire system is in proper working condition, inspecting your heating system, cooling system, and all of their corresponding equipment.

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Prime Maintenance Membership

What’s Included?

Designed to give you peace-of-mind, you’ll feel comfortable know that your heating and cooling system was checked and serviced by an award-winning HVAC professional. So what’s included in our Prime Maintenance Membership?

Product PlansMonthly Cost

Prime Maintenance Membership (one heating and one AC system)


Additional heating and AC system discounted (one heating and one AC system)


Humidifier (covers cleaning, checking, and replacing humidifier pad)


Air cleaner (covers cleaning, checking, and replacing air cleaner filter)


As a valued member of our Prime Maintenance program, you’ll also receive:

  • Priority service
  • Seasonal tune-ups (semi-annually)
  • 20% discount on all HVAC repairs
  • 10% discount on electrical repairs
  • Reduced service fee
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Extreme weather preparedness alerts

Benefits of Scheduling Regular HVAC Maintenance

The easiest way to make sure that your HVAC system is running properly is to schedule regular maintenance appointments. Scheduling an annual tune-up appointment with a qualified HVAC specialist can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your home comfortable all year long.

Scheduling regular maintenance appointments provides various benefits to you and your home, such as:

  • Increasing the Lifespan of Your Unit – When your unit is inspected annually, our team is able to correct minor issues with your HVAC system before they start to reduce the unit’s functionality. Regular maintenance ensures that your system continues to run at peak performance levels, which lengthens its lifespan considerably over time.
  • Preventing Unexpected Breakdowns – If your HVAC unit breaks down, it’s likely it will happen when you need it most—like on a hot summer day or a cold winter night! Scheduling regular maintenance gives our team the chance to catch any issues before they become big, inconvenient, and often expensive problems, so your home stays comfortable throughout the year.
  • Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your System – Improving the energy efficiency of your system with regular maintenance helps to improve performance while reducing utility costs in your Maryland home. Win-win!

Just like you schedule regular oil changes and tire rotations to keep your car running smoothly, it’s important to schedule regular tune-up appointments for your HVAC system so it can continue to heat and cool your home year after year. Call GAC Services today at 301-926-3253 to learn more!

Schedule HVAC Maintenance in Your Maryland Home Today!

Your home is one of the most significant investments, and your HVAC system is one of the largest contributors to your personal comfort! Don’t sacrifice comfort or performance. If you live in Gaithersburg or Frederick, MD or their surrounding areas, contact GAC Services to schedule HVAC maintenance!

The GAC Difference

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These are just a few reasons why your neighbors love working with GAC. It is this commitment to excellence, along with our friendly and honest professionals that has helped us satisfy tens of thousands of customers throughout Maryland over the years. And it is this that we consider the GAC difference.

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