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Heat Pump Services in Maryland

Heat Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement

Are you interested in installing a heat pump in your home? Or do you need to repair an existing heat pump? Count on GAC Services for quality HVAC installation and repair services in the Montgomery County and Frederick County areas. We offer:

What Is a Heat Pump?

When you think about cooling a home or any other building for that matter, the words “heat pump” probably don’t come to mind. However, a heat pump can both heat and cool your home!

A heat pump is a device that uses smaller amounts of energy to move heat from one location to another. Typically, heat pumps are used to pull heat out of the air or ground in order to heat a building. At the same time heat pumps can be used in reverse to cool a building by pulling hot air out of a building.

Advantages of a Heat Pump

The biggest advantage of a heat pump over standard HVAC units is that you only need one system to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps are also very efficient. They use energy to transfer heat rather than burn fuel to create it. Heat pumps are also great dehumidifiers and work better than your regular air conditioner at dehumidifying your home. And in the winter, they won’t dry out your air like a furnace does.

Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioner

An air conditioner works by absorbing heat from the air that passes over the coils. The cool air is then moved through your air conditioning ducts and into your home. The air that is collected in this process is dispersed through your system’s exhaust.

The main advantage of a heat pump is that it can both heat and cool, as opposed to an air conditioner which only offers cooling. Also, since the heat pump uses less energy, you can save money on your utility bills.

Heat Pump vs. Furnace

The main difference between a heat pump and a furnace is how they generate heat. Furnaces use flames to heat the air and then use a fan to push the heat throughout your home or building. Meanwhile, heat pumps actually pump heat from the outside air rather than actually heating up the air. Heat pumps can generate heat from the air or the ground depending on your unit.

Furnaces can be powered by oil, natural gas, or electricity. Heat pumps are run solely off of electricity and are usually the better choice for efficiency, though the price of oil or gas in your region should be considered when deciding how to cost-effectively heat your home.

Hybrid Heating Solutions

While Maryland residents like yourself generally can expect a mild winter, our state can experience some extreme low temperatures during the winter months (the never-ending winter of 2013-2014 comes to mind!).

For extreme cold, we recommend combining the strengths of gas and electric heat sources with a hybrid heating systems. This system comprises a gas furnace and heat pump. When the temperature changes, the system automatically switches to the most cost-effective fuel source for the present conditions.

If you’re worried about fuel consumption, a hybrid heating system is a great solution. Contact us today for an estimate.

Heat Pump Services in Maryland

GAC Services provides heat pump installation and repair services for Montgomery County and Frederick County Maryland.

Heat Pump Installation

A new heat pump installation is one of the most versatile and energy-efficient comfort control options on the market today. At GAC Services, we work right alongside you, helping you to choose the ideal model to meet your unique needs, be it air-source or ground-source. Your system will be expertly sized and installed by our team in order to optimize performance and maximize your system’s efficiency, giving you years of dependable service.

We offer Bryant heat pump systems because they are top-class in reliability, sheer strength and durability, and provide you with the most advantages for you and your home.

Heat Pump Repair Services

No matter how great, reliable, and effective a system may be, nothing is completely immune to running across some trouble now and again. When your heat pump system hits a snag, our specialists can offer leading repair services that prioritize restoring your comfort quickly, effectively, and as accurately as possible.

GAC Services utilizes leading tools and superior training in order to meet your repair needs, and we’re certified to provide repair for all makes and models of heat pump system, so you know you’ve always got a professional on your side. Contact our heat pump repair specialists when:

  • Your heat pump is stuck in heat or cool mode
  • Your unit is making loud or unusual sounds
  • You’re noticing spikes in your energy costs
  • The system is failing to meet your comfort needs
  • The heat pump is freezing or icing over

No matter the problem, large or small, our leading repair team can provide the reliable repair in Maryland you need. We also offer 24-hour emergency service, any time, any day, to ensure you always have access to professional-quality service!

Heat Pump Tune-Ups and Maintenance

You chose a heat pump system for your home because it is efficient and powerful, and the vast majority of the time your unit can keep up with your needs all year long. But that consistent use can do harm over time if you don’t make certain to ensure you’re getting routine maintenance. We offer heat pump tune-up services in order to help you maximize your home comfort, providing the thorough and complete care your system needs to keep working at its best.

When you choose maintenance services with GAC, you’ll gain:

  • Higher energy-efficiency
  • More cooling and heating comfort
  • A longer-lived heat pump unit
  • Protection for your warranty
  • Lowered repair costs
  • And even more!

In order to ensure your system gets the professional, routine service it needs, we’d recommend joining our Peak Performance Plans. These service agreements save you time, stress, and money–and provide some unique membership advantages, too!


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“What do our customers want?” That’s the question that’s been driving the way we do business at GAC from the very beginning—back when you might have known us as Gaithersburg Air Conditioning & Heating!

While our name may have changed, the way we do business hasn’t.


These are just a few reasons why your neighbors love working with GAC. It is this commitment to excellence, along with our friendly and honest professionals that has helped us satisfy tens of thousands of customers throughout Maryland over the years. And it is this that we consider the GAC difference.

Contact us for a replacement estimate on a new heating system or to schedule service today.

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