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Ceiling Fan Installation in Maryland

Installing Ceiling Fans in Montgomery County, Frederick County & Howard County

Ceiling fans provide an exceptionally cost-effective and energy efficient method of controlling and improving the comfort in your home. The installation of your ceiling fan is critical, having an impact on its effectiveness for its entire lifespan. Because of this, GAC Services offers top-class ceiling fan installation services to all of our patrons in Montgomery County, Frederick County, and Howard County in Maryland.

The certified electricians at GAC carry years of experience in handling and installing ceiling fans and other major home appliances. When you need service and quality you can trust, you can always be glad you chose GAC!

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The Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installation in Maryland Homes

Wondering what a new ceiling fan can do for your home? Ceiling fans can offer:

  • Better home comfort. Ceiling fans can pull year-round duty in helping keep your home comfortable. In the summer, fans can run counterclockwise, or “forward” to generate a flow of cool air. In wintertime, ceiling fans can be adjusted to run in the opposite, clockwise direction to redirect warmer air downward, providing better warmth to your living space.
  • Lower energy costs. Because of the additional comfort control allowed by ceiling fans, homeowners can keep HVAC systems at lower settings to reduce energy consumption. Every single degree on your thermostat represents up to twelve percent more energy consumed, and since ceiling fans use barely any energy at all, this can contribute to considerable savings.
  • In-home lighting. By choosing a ceiling fan that features lighting, you can improve safety, visibility, and function in your home.
  • Aesthetics. Ceiling fans can be an aesthetic choice as well! They come in near endless appearances, sizes, and varieties, allowing decisions to be exceptionally diverse. Ceiling fans also help to break up “blank” ceiling space, making rooms feel more comfortable.

Why Choose a Professional for your Ceiling Fan Installation in Maryland?

Many homeowners opt to attempt ceiling fan installation on their own; particularly if a replacement is needed. But this should be avoided for a couple of reasons.

One, ceiling fan installation involves a somewhat considerable amount of electrical work, which is not only easy to make errors with, but those errors can be very dangerous without professional knowledge as well.

Two, the initial installation of your ceiling fan “sets the tone” as it were, for how your ceiling fan will operate for the duration of its lifespan. A professionally installed ceiling fan will work optimally, while a poor installation can lead to premature mechanical failure, or a sooner than anticipated need for replacement.

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