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What to Consider When Wiring a New Home in Maryland

Posted on: February 15, 2017

New homes are a unique combination of being very, very excited, and being assaulted on all sides. There’s a ton going on, all of which demands your attention, making it very hard to focus and really enjoy the whole experience. But before you get swallowed up by the whole thing, our experts would recommend you step back and get sorted on one of the most crucial aspects of your new home build: the electrical.

Our certified and licensed electricians have extensive experience in handling new home wiring and electrical service, and we can help you hash out the details on this most important of tasks!

Considerations for Electrical Services & Wiring for a New Home in Maryland

Essentially, planning the electrical in your home is very much about preparing and accurate planning. The details may seem many, but generally speaking they all actually flow into the same place. The picture may seem big, but even small strokes make tons of progress.

When planning the wiring in your home, these are the most critical bits:

  • Set out wants, needs, and must-haves. Planning an outline that accommodates your needs is critical. What appliances, lighting fixtures, the number of projected outlets you’ll need–these will all determine the how and why of your wiring. Start with needs and work your way out, that way you have the crucials in place before you start planning aesthetics and fun.
  • Know what can’t work. When talking about electrical, you absolutely need to know what can’t be allowed. We’re, of course, talking about the NEC (the national electrical code all new construction has to follow). This is your home and your rules, but for electrical work to be valid and legal, you may need to make some mild concessions.
  • Think of the future. Every single year new technology and appliances are thought up or implemented. This is great, of course, we’re all for technology advancements, but you have to plan for them. Consider where you might need outlets in the future, and consider the “size” your electrical panel needs to be in order to accommodate growth. This can be changed in the future if necessary, but giving yourself room to grow helps a lot.
  • Pick your professionals carefully. Above all (far, far above all), you need to be sure you pick the right professionals to do your home’s wiring. We’re talking about laying the groundwork for how well your home is going to operate for its entire life. Pick professionals that are licensed, certified, insured, and ones that display a clear mastery of their work. Not only will this guarantee serviceable electrical in the future, it’ll also make your life a million times easier as you move forward with finishing your new Maryland home!

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