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Why Does My Furnace Trip the Circuit Breaker?

Have you ever noticed that your furnace isn’t working, and then realized it was because something tripped the circuit breaker? Did you know that it could actually be your furnace that is causing your breaker to trip? It’s a good idea to resolve any issues right away so the comfort of your home won’t be compromised. There are several reasons why your furnace could be tripping the breaker to your system, including:

  • Loose Electrical Connection – The wires in your breaker expand and contract with temperature changes, causing the connections to become loose over the years. This can cause the circuit to heat up, and at times, it can trip the circuit breaker. Contact an HVAC professional to find and tighten any loose connections.
  • Furnace Blower Overworking – If the furnace blower is being overworked, your furnace may run for a while before it trips the breaker. When the airflow in your heating system is blocked, your blower works harder to distribute hot air to all the rooms in your home—sometimes so hard that the circuit breaker trips. Some of the things that could be blocking airflow include a dirty filter, closed air vents, and undersized ductwork. You can try changing the air filter and opening all the air vents, but if that doesn’t work, contact GAC Services to inspect and repair your furnace.
  • Short Circuit – If your furnace trips the breaker immediately after turning on, there could be a short circuit in the furnace. A short circuit occurs when a hot wire touches another hot wire. When two wires touch, electricity no longer flows through the entire circuit, causing the strength of the electric current to increase. Short circuits can cause a fire or other serious damages, so it’s important to contact a HVAC expert right away if you think you may have a short circuit in your furnace.

Note: Your circuit breaker should never feel hot to the touch. If you ever notice that it’s hot, this could be a sign of a serious problem that should be looked into immediately for your safety and the safety of your home.

If your furnace is frequently causing the circuit breaker to trip in your Maryland home, contact GAC Services for reliable furnace repair. It’s important to get your furnace running properly before the winter arrives so your home maintains comfortable temperatures.

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For furnace repair in Chevy Chase, even the broader Montgomery County or Frederick County area, contact GAC Services. We are committed to keeping your home as comfortable and efficient as possible throughout the year. Our HVAC professionals will get your furnace back in working condition in no time. We also offer emergency furnace repair services in case your furnace breaks at an inconvenient time. For all your furnace emergencies, call us right away—301-926-3253.

To schedule furnace repairs for your Maryland home or to request an estimate for other furnace services contact GAC Services today!

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