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Are Whole-Home Surge Protectors Worth It?

Posted on: March 25, 2019

Keeping our Maryland homes safe is typically priority number one for any homeowner, and no system may be more frequently at-risk than your electrical systems. You’ve invested in all of the usuals—GFCI outlets, panel upgrades, dedicated circuitry. But is investing in a whole-home surge protection system worthwhile?

Follow along with the certified local electricians at GAC Services while we detail the basics of understanding just how important a surge protection system really is.

How Dangerous Are Power Surges?

Power surges, or sudden influxes of excessive voltage, can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the more intense examples include lightning storms or downed power lines. But in actuality, power surges happen all the time in our homes, and more than two-thirds of them are caused by our actions. When your HVAC equipment cycles on, when you use a hair dryer, when you turn on a power tool, if you don’t have a high-draw appliance on its own dedicated circuit—any of these situations can cause a power surge.

While not all surges are guaranteed to be a problem, the issue lies in the fact that it only takes one surge happening at the wrong time or to the wrong appliance to ruin your electronics. The severity of damage caused by a surge can vary greatly, but surges have been known to:

  • Destroy electronics, including televisions, personal computers, light fixtures, and more
  • Damage your larger appliances like HVAC systems or home security systems
  • Cause house fires in more severe cases, or when a home is past due for rewiring

Power surges also do not always outright destroy electronics. In fact, in most cases, surges only do partial damage. This can manifest as a light fixture that seems to need a new bulb every week or month, or in having to buy your third microwave this year. In short, surges do damage all the time. It’s just that the damage isn’t always obvious, nor is the source.

How Much Does a Whole-Home Surge Protection System Cost?

The bottom line to finding out whether any investment is worthwhile is, of course, the cost versus its benefits. While the cost of a whole-home surge protection system can vary, as can the type of system, most surge protection systems—even the top of the line ones—will cost substantially less than the systems that they are protecting. In fact, they’ll cost less than even one of those systems by itself.

By installing a home surge protection system you can avoid:

  • Replacing electrical appliances prematurely
  • Swapping out light bulbs and fixtures too often
  • Potentially thousands of dollars in damage over the lifespan of the surge protection equipment

Surge Protection Installs in Maryland

Bottom line: is whole-home surge protection worth it? Absolutely. Surge protection and transient voltage protection equipment is an inexpensive way to ensure your home is safe and that you get the most out of your appliances. Plus, when you schedule installation with a pro the process is fast and easy.

Contact GAC Services online to schedule whole-home surge protection installation today, or call 301-926-3253 for a consultation now!

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