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Steps to Prepare for Winter Storms in Maryland

Posted on: February 27, 2017

Maryland is famous for unpredictable weather, and homeowners can be caught off guard when either the power goes out or their heating system breaks during a winter storm. Do you know what to do if you’re left with no heat during a winter storm? If no, the team at GAC Services is here to help!

We’ve been bringing homeowners in Frederick, Montgomery, and Howard Counties the best in care and HVAC and electrical service for nearly fifty years. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, so helping you to prepare for a power outages and heat loss is right up our alley.

Looking for the best in storm season preparedness for your Maryland home? Contact GAC Services today to learn more about our generator installation service and emergency heating services, and how they can help you stay safe and function when foul weather strikes!

What to Do Before a Power Outage from a Winter Storm Occurs

The majority of what needs done relates to a word we used once already (twice if you’re counting the bolded bit): prepare. Being able to react to stormy weather and power outages is all about having plans and preparations in place! What plans and preparations? Well, start by:

  1. Building your emergency kit. We’re not talking a few pharmaceuticals and a bit of water. Your kit needs to be as adaptable as you are, and should include foodstuffs, medicines, clean water, blankets, light sources (that are not candles!), batteries, etc. What happens in a storm isn’t always predictable, and being ready for everything means you have to worry about nothing!
  2. Getting a means of staying in touch. A portable, battery-operated radio is critical to your home’s preparedness. You need a means of keeping track of the storm, the outage, and any changes or orders that may be happening in the community. If you plan on using your phone for this, be sure to have alternative methods of charging the phone.
  3. Formulating an emergency plan. Evacuation is always a possibility, and you’re going to be limited to flashlights. You and your family should have a primary evacuation plan, and a secondary, and both should be practiced routinely!

What to Do If the Power Stays On But the Heat Goes Out During a Winter Storm

What if your power stays on but your furnace breaks? If your heat goes out during a winter storm, always call for emergency repairs. In the event a technician cannot make it to your home right away, stay warm by:

  1. Gathering the entire family in one room. More people = more body heat, and by being closer together you’re conserving heat in the room.
  2. Using your fireplace. If you have a fireplace, use it. Make sure you have dry wood available, and always make sure your flue is open.
  3. Plugging in space heaters. If you don’t have a fireplace, space heaters will work just fine, as long as you don’t leave them unattended. Keep them at least three feet away from anything flammable, and try to rotate usage so you don’t blow a fuse or overheat them.
  4. Hanging blankets over windows. A ton of heat escapes through your windows, so hanging blankets over them adds an extra layer of insulation. If the sun is shining, draw them aside to let the sunlight warm the room.
  5. Placing towels under doors and around drafts. By blocking drafts, you’re keeping heat inside your home.
  6. Cooking. have you ever stepped into a kitchen that’s been cooking for a while? It’s usually pretty hot in there. Don’t let the lack of heat make you call for pizza delivery—cooking will help heat your home.

The Ultimate Defense Against Power Outages

Losing power complicates our lives in a wide variety of ways, from the obnoxious and mundane, to the potentially harmful and dangerous. Want a way to avoid the risks entirely, and protect your home for good? Install a generator system!

A standby generator can provide you with the means to keep the lights running, or the HVAC system operations. And even better, a whole-home generator can provide for all of your electrical needs safely and effectively–even for extended periods of time, even days. Generators are established in many homes in Maryland, and provide those homeowners with the surety that no matter what comes, the risks of an outage are not one of them.

Schedule Generator Installation in Your Maryland Home

Storm season isn’t far off — is your home prepared? If not, our team of leading, certified electricians can help! We can integrate your new generator system perfectly, helping you to supply power to all of the services, appliances, and functions you need to remain comfortable and safe in the event of a power outage.

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