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Be Prepared When the Power Goes Out!

Maryland is experiencing more frequent extreme thunderstorms and rain events than last year and has seen five tornadoes already this year—another sign of an active severe storm season both locally and nationally.


Almost 50% of power outages are caused by severe weather, lightning, wind, and rain. Be prepared when the power goes out with a generator from GAC Services.

Over the years, generators have become increasingly popular in Maryland. Heavy storms and harsh winters have left our homes and businesses without power for days. For many, this can be detrimental to their business or worse, their health. Some people with certain medical equipment cannot afford to go without power.

Generators offer you power when and where you need it. Whether you’re at home or work during a power outage, you can rely on a generator to provide a reliable power source. When choosing a backup power source, your options include a whole-house generator and a portable generator with a manual transfer switch.

Whole-House Generators

It’s important to know how much coverage you will have in the event of a power outage. When you choose a whole-house generator, you choose peace of mind. During an outage, every circuit in your home will come on and stay on no matter how many circuits you need to back up.

Additionally, whole-house generators are safe to operate during disasters and will protect your home from voltage fluctuations or surges once power is restored. This option provides the most protection for your family and home in the case of an emergency.

To recap, whole-house generators provide:

  • Fast and automatic delivery of power during a blackout
  • Electricity to all circuits, allowing homeowners to continue using heating and cooling systems, televisions, computers, and other appliances
  • Protection from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges once power is restored
  • Safe operation during man-made and natural disasters
  • Comfort, safety, and peace of mind to homeowners during emergencies

Portable Generators

Portable generators offer the luxury of backup power at a fraction of the cost of whole-house generators. You can use your portable generator to power up your most vital appliances when your home loses electricity. Portable generators vary in price and size, so it is best to evaluate how you are going to be using your generator before purchasing it.

Unlike whole-house generators, portable generators operate on fuel and need to be filled prior to each use. Once your generator is running, all you have to do is connect extension cords to your generator power source. It is recommended to use a manual transfer panel box (interior) with a power inlet (exterior) to safely operate the portable generator.

Need expert help? We install, repair, and maintain a variety of home backup generators.  If it’s about electrical in your home, we can help you find the best solution for your family’s needs.


To learn more about generators or to schedule a service appointment, contact GAC Services online or call us at 301-926-3253. Whether you’re looking for generator installation or a repair diagnosis on your generator, GAC Services is the name to know!

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