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Best AC Repair Company in Montgomery County

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Needing an air conditioner repair service is already a bad spot to be in. Your home is uncomfortable, your system is on the fritz and you don’t know why. And the worst thing that can happen is to call in …

Maryland Homeowners Energy Report & Statistics 2017

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As green technology, renewables, and high-efficiency appliances evolve, homeowners in Maryland stand to save huge amounts of money over time—but only by making informed decisions based on the current status of energy in the region. There are several key factors …

Do I Need Whole Home Surge Protection?

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When it comes to home electrical, the issue is always about balancing functionality and utility with overall safety. This is why we use breaker panels to supply safe electricity, or why we install protected GFCI outlets in kitchens and utility …

Is It Easy to Replace Outlets with USB Ports?

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Access to electrical power has become pretty much absolutely necessary to carry out even the simplest daily tasks. Until recently your outlets did the job well enough, but it’s 2017, and things have changed. Now our homes are inundated with …

Electrical Upgrade Trends in 2017

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Every single year homes see numerous of advancements in electrical tech and appliances. Homes are getting smarter, and so are consumers, meaning you have access to loads of excellent optimizations and upgrades. Looking for the hottest trends in electrical for …

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