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Is It Illegal to Install Your Own Furnace?

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Installing your own furnace may seem like a great way to save a bit of money, but it takes years of experience to install one properly, and a faulty installation can lead to many problems, from inefficient operation and high …

How to Avoid Electrical Issues This Holiday Season

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Whether you decide to deck your halls or not, the odds are pretty high that your going to be using a lot more electricity this holiday season. Between decorating, hours of cooking, and tons of guests, your average Maryland home …

How Do I Choose an Electrician in Maryland?

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The electrical systems and appliances in your home are too important to your daily life to be trusted to just anyone. When you need electrical repairs, rewiring, or electrical installation services, you want to know that your contractor has all …

Why Is My Heat Pump Not Turning On?

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Heat pumps can encounter a wide range of issues, most of which clearly indicate what exactly is going wrong. A breaker trips, you have an electrical issue. If the heat pump makes odd sounds, a component has worn out. But …

Can I DIY Furnace Maintenance?

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While there is some minor furnace maintenance that you can possibly do yourself, like cleaning the dust off the heating vents or replacing the air filter every few months, most should be left to a professional. A furnace is a …

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