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How To Cool a Home Without an Air Conditioner

Posted on: July 21, 2015

Keeping a cool home without an air conditioner can be a struggle. Warm, trapped air lingering in your house, high humidity levels, and a lack of air flow can all cause you and your family to feel hotter temperatures indoors than outdoors. So, can you keep your home cool without an air conditioner?

Below, we’ve outlined 6 tips to cool your home without an air conditioning system.

6 Tips to Cool Your Home Without Using AC

1.) Keep Shades Drawn & Curtains Closed During the Day

One of the simplest ways to keep your home cool during the summer without an air conditioner is to keep window shades drawn and curtains closed during the day. Warm sunlight flowing through your windows creates a miniature greenhouse effect, causing your home to heat up. To keep your home cool this summer, be sure to close all curtains and keep shades and blinds drawn during the hottest times of the day.

2.) Use Cotton Sheets

Many homeowners feel the hottest during the evening or at night. Although temperatures aren’t as high at nighttime as they are during the day, satin, silk, or polyester sheets are not as summer-friendly as cotton sheets, which give off a cooler, more comfortable effect when lying in bed.

3.) Avoid Cooking with the Stove or Oven

A stove and oven add unneeded heat to your home. Using a microwave or grill to cook dinners will save you money on your utility bills and help keep your home cool without an air conditioner.

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4.) Use Fans

Elect to go old school! Instead of using an air conditioner to cool your home (and increase utility bills), make a DIY air conditioner by positioning a pan or bowl full of ice in front of a fan. As the ice in the bowl melts, the fan will pick up the cool melted water and disperse a cool mist throughout its range—now that’s an old school way to cool your home without an air conditioner!

5.) Create a Cross-Breeze

Another way to cool your home without an air conditioner is to take create a cross-breeze using open windows and doors. To do this, open windows and doors on opposite sides of your home to maximize air flow. If you want, set up fans in front of the open windows and door to increase air circulation throughout your home.

6.) Do Laundry at Night

Like a stove or oven, washers and dryers also produce unnecessary heat. This heat has little escape and circulates through your home. No matter how much you wish it could, you can’t avoid laundry forever. To cool your home without an air conditioner, consider doing laundry during the coolest parts of the day—early morning or in the evening.

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