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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans

Are HVAC Preventative Maintenance Plans Really Worth It?

Your house is a significant asset to you and your family, and taking care of your home is a financial investment as well as time consuming. One of the most important systems keeping family members, friends, pets, and other guests comfortable while in your home is your heating and cooling systems.

Whether your HVAC system is comprised of a separate heating and cooling systems (e.g. a furnace and an air conditioner) or a single unit (e.g. heat pumps), an HVAC preventative maintenance plan can help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your HVAC repairs and replacements.

5 Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans

The question a lot of homeowners ask themselves when contemplating an HVAC preventative maintenance plan is whether or not the plan itself is actually worth it? If your system has recently been installed, the likelihood of breakdowns and repairs are less. Or maybe you haven’t had any issues with your heating or cooling system in the years past, so why start investing in an HVAC maintenance plan now?

Although these are valid questions to consider, the benefits of HVAC maintenance plans far outweigh the cons. Not only could a broken HVAC system result in costly repairs or system replacements,

  1. Discounted repair costs – one of the ways to know if you’re working with a trustworthy HVAC company is if they offer a preventative maintenance plan. Often included in an HVAC maintenance plan are reduced repair costs. Here at GAC Services, we offer 20 percent of all heating and cooling repairs when you choose to sign up for our Prime Maintenance Membership!
  2. Priority service – Another indicator of a reputable heating and cooling contractor is priority scheduling. As a member of our Prime Maintenance Membership, we’ll bump your name to the top of our service list. This ensures your system is diagnosed and repaired by an award-winning HVAC technician in a timely manner.
  3. Complimentary system tune-ups – One of the easiest ways to prevent your HVAC system from a midseason breakdown is to schedule HVAC maintenance—especially in Maryland where weather conditions can vary from extremely cold to incredibly hot and humid. At GAC, our HVAC maintenance plan includes complimentary system tune-ups. This way, you can rest assured your system will run reliably all season long.
  4. Uphold manufacturer warranties – Did you know that most HVAC manufacturer warranties are void unless your system is regularly serviced by a heating and cooling company? In the event of a severe breakdown needing an HVAC replacement, you want to make sure your system is covered under its manufacturer warranty (if it is still valid). Your local HVAC contractor will make sure your system is inspected on schedule and meets all manufacturer warranties.
  5. Trustworthy service – When you have regular maintenance performed on your heating and cooling system it provides a documented record of services and repairs performed. That way (in case your system ever decides to call it quits) you have a written history of all work performed so an HVAC contractor can quickly diagnose the problem—like a medical chart! Additionally, you can develop a trustworthy relationship with your HVAC company and feel comfortable with them in your home.

Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan in Maryland

Are you ready to stop putting your family’s comfort at risk? If you live in Maryland, call GAC Services to sign up for our HVAC maintenance plan! Our Prime Maintenance Membership is designed to maximize comfort and peace of mind. Contact us today!

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