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Benefits of Exterior Lighting for Your Maryland Home

Have you considered adding some outdoor lighting around your Maryland home? If not, you might be missing out on some serious benefits and perks. Exterior lighting is great for aesthetics, of course, but it carries additional benefits that are even more important.

At GAC Services, we want to ensure our clients are always getting the best, and providing outdoor light sources is just another way to do just that. Let’s take a moment to go into why!

The Biggest Benefits of Outdoor Lighting: Safety and Security

Looking great is all well and good, but the true value of exterior illumination is actually all about personal safety and overall home security. How does lightning make your home safer? Well…

Personal Safety

A staggering number of home injuries occur outdoors, and particularly in the evenings. These range and vary a good bit, but the vast majority are head and neck injuries, as well as bone fractures in limbs. Outdoor lighting can help mitigate the risks here, helping you to see easier and navigate your home’s exterior more effectively–a particularly pertinent point during these longer winter nights.

Outdoor lighting that can help with these issues include:

  • Path and driveway lighting. Pulling up to your home and getting inside doesn’t seem all that risky, but this is where many to most injuries actually occur. When you’re doing something seemingly innocuous or simple, you tend to zone out a bit. A pathway light installation is a simple but effective means of navigating that stepping-stone path or treacherous yard. Plus, they look great to boot!
  • Flood lighting. Flood lighting is very, very useful when you have large, expansive areas of your exterior that get little to no illumination from streetlights, or areas that are shielded from your more standard light sources. Areas near garages are quite prone to having a few tripping hazards around, as well as heavily-wooded areas.
  • Exterior task lighting. Ever forgotten to roll the garden hose back up, or suddenly remembered you need something from the shed? It doesn’t seem like a big deal to just go take care of it, but the night can get pretty dark, and you might find yourself tripping over a tool or critter instead.

Home Security

Exterior lighting done right can help to deter criminal activity and unwanted pests. We specifically say done right because lighting done poorly can actually have the exact opposite effect. Security lighting done wrong can generate lots of shadows, or blind the homeowner rather than letting you spot a potential vandal. When done properly, security lighting shows very positive impacts on neighborhood safety.

This is why a professional assistance is very highly recommended when installing outdoor lighting. A team that knows lighting, and how best to utilize it, can help you keep your home much safer and more secure, giving you the peace of mind you really want.

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And in the end, outdoor lighting also just looks good. Nothing shows off the best features of your home better than some professional accent lighting, or some spot lighting on your favorite exterior home features.

Are you looking to gain all of the advantages exterior lighting in maryland has to offer? If so, you can count on the professionals at GAC Services to provide! Our team has been handling lighting and installation services for years, and we carry all of the superior products and seasoned knowledge needed to help you get the most out of your lights. Contact us today to learn more, or to set up an appointment for your lighting consultation!

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