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Why Do My Lights Flicker When My HVAC System Turns On?

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While we rely heavily on electrical systems and HVAC equipment both in our day-to-day lives, sometimes these two utilities might interplay in a way that is concerning. Do your lights dim or flicker when your air conditioning or heating system …

Where to Find the Best Electrician Near Me

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Having some trouble finding the best electrician in Gaithersburg? Luckily for you, in our fast-pace lives, finding what you want is getting easier and easier. All it takes is a click, call, or tap on the tablet and you’re given …

Your Guide to Attic Fans

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Creating an energy-efficient and comfortable home in the Maryland area is a really important task, and one that homeowners in our area routinely struggle with. Luckily, there are many unique and effective ways to boost comfort, and it’s one of …

When Is the Best Time to Install a Whole-Home Generator

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With the weather finally shifting to warmer days and nights, you might think your poor weather woes are over. But if you do, you’re forgetting something. Once the snow is away, the storms start up! That means replacing bad roads …

Why Is My Energy Bill So High?

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As we move out of a harsher winter, you might be breathing a sigh of relief as far as your energy bill is concerned. But before you put it out of mind, we’d like to ask you this: why was …

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