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Can Heat Pumps Make You Sick?

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Modern HVAC systems are extremely efficient and effective at maintaining our comfort partially due to the fact that they operate on a closed loop. But while the benefits of a closed loop heating and cooling system are substantial, it’s not …

Are HVAC Maintenance Contracts Worth the Money?

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Nearly any HVAC contractor in Maryland will have probably talked your ear off about the advantages and virtues of an HVAC maintenance contract. But in the end, a maintenance agreement is a service, and in order to determine whether or …

What Causes Generators to Fail?

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Home standby generators play an important part in keeping your home safe and protected. However, a generator that isn’t well maintained, or one that is experiencing issues that are not being addressed, is not going to serve that important propose. As …

Home Rewiring FAQs

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Rewiring a home at the right time, for the right reasons, serves an important purpose both for the safety and the functionality of your home. However, when it comes to understanding home rewiring and the purposes that it serves, many …

What Does It Mean When a Furnace Short Cycles?

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A furnace “short cycles” when it turns off before reaching the desired temperature. This means that if your thermostat is set to 72 degrees, the furnace may shut down at 65 or 68 degrees, but will never reach 72 degrees. …

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